Is Arco Iris trustworthy?
We have 30 years of experience and stable presence in the market, with more than 15
thousands clients. We have been doing trade shows for decades in Milan, Madrid, Frankfurt or
Paris. Our mission is to satisfy our clients with good quality products and establish enduring

Where do the products come from?
Some of them are made in Italy, while some are produced in other European countries or in Asia.
If you want to find out more, just send an email to ​ info@arco-iris.it​  or just ask to our live chat at
the bottom right corner of this website.

What if some of the products are damaged?
Once you receive the products, you shall proceed to verify the status of them in a timely manner
and, by way of derogation of the terms set forth in article 1495 of the Italian Civil Code, you shall
inform the Seller of any defect, including hidden defects (if any) within 7 days as of receipt. Upon
expiry of the mentioned term the products will be considered for all purposes as irrevocably

How can I buy your products?
It is possible to purchase our products on this website or coming to our Showroom in Rome, at
Via A.G. Eiffel 100, E06, 00148.

Where do you ship your products?
All over the world.

How can I pay my order?
Just visit our “Payment Method” section of this website.

How can I contact you?
Send us an email at ​ info@arco-iris.it​ , call us at +39 06 55282311 or just ask to our live chat at
the bottom right corner of this website.